President Bush Stops Using Email

from the thank-goodness-for-technology dept

President Bush has apparently announced to his email correspondence list that he can no longer use email. Since all of his emails as President are subject to “open record requests” anything he writes can be made public and he doesn’t want to risk that because he’s so “candid”. It seems a bit silly that the President isn’t allowed to communicate by email at all. Maybe he should get a Hotmail account like most people who don’t want their private emails read at work. I think he deserves to discover the wonders of spam like the rest of us common folk.

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Comments on “President Bush Stops Using Email”

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david shively says:

cock fighting

will i wood say hi mr president but i dont think to much of a man that help pass a bill againts cock fighting lust look back and ull c how mean president was cock fighter i wish i had never voted for u but we all make a mistakes some time i wish u could help us old counrty boy out i have 3 kids and it help put food on the table for them but who care here in the usa anymore some people from the city who dont not what its all about sat laws for us some people was not born with a silver spoon in there mouths so we do what we no even if that means fighting chicken then put me in jail
i just think it suck when a men can even do this we dont live in a free country no more where just in a country amd the govment tails us what we can do so here is some news for the goverment im done with it no more votes from me no more and all my respect for u is gone now

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