How DivX Is Escaping The Napster Trap – Part II

from the the-MPAA-will-come-to-their-senses dept

Last week we posted <a href=”>part 1 of how DivX planned to escape the “Napster Trap” of being sued out of existence. That article, though, was mostly about the history of DivX. Now, here’s part 2 that explains how they really plan to avoid getting sued. To be honest, I’m disappointed. I expected a more compelling reason than (I’m paraphrasing, but this is basically what they said): “The MPAA is not as stupid as the RIAA”. In other words, they think that the movie industry is smart enough to realize that the recording industry has been messing up big time – and they’ll want to go with the easiest, most readily available options. I’m not convinced that the movie industry is that smart.

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