What Happened At Yahoo?

from the anyone-heard-of-delegation? dept

The Wall Street Journal tries to figure out what went wrong at Yahoo! and they conclude that the core 6 people on the executive staff never learned to delegate, despite the size of the company. It sounds as though almost all major decisions were still going through those top officers. Plus, they had a horrendous time keeping talented executives at acquired companies – since they would never give them any real power.

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Comments on “What Happened At Yahoo?”

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Ed says:

Hindsight is 20/20

Maybe I’m missing something, but practically up until the minute that NASDAQ halted trading, wasn’t Yahoo still considered one of the few remaining dot com successes? This “what went wrong” article would have been a lot more timely if written a week ago.

Looking back at the slow decline of YHOO stock, and especially at some of the news in recent months, one can say that the writing was on the wall, but this article seems to indicate an abrupt turnaround in the street’s view of Yahoo management. Prior to this week, the prevailing attitude seemed to be that Yahoo was being dragged down by the market in general and would be one of the few companies to weather the storm.

I suppose if eBay tanks one day, a day or two later we’ll get another article explaining how poorly it was run.

Judith Fulmer says:


I thank you for leaving me with a ask to help me to get online? I don’t like the program as much as yahoo. I think I could have kept the business afloat better than what has happened must have been young executives involved in this matter which I think spoiled rotten children should learn that there is much to be learned from this! You have to work hard and long and might not be easy and comfortible to be rich and good at what you are doing? We as Americans have expected you spoiled rotten execs to get off your ass because you have other spoiled rottens to serve!

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