Living In Oblivion

from the technology-as-life dept

bfrank writes “Sometimes the most shocking collapse in this techo-economy is not necessarily a sinking dot-com, but interpersonal relationships. See inside the mind of one of the co-habitants, and why the Internet should not just be viewed as an economic experiment, but a social one as well.” I had actually read this last week or so when it came out, but wasn’t sure whether it was worth posting. On a second read through, I think it is. However, I also feel that it’s a bit of continued exhibtionism. She knew what she was getting into when she signed up – so I have trouble feeling sorry for her that things went as crazy as they did. From the beginning I’ve thought that the people involved were a little too cocky and sure that they were just so cool that people would want to watch them. It turns out that it’s more fun to mess with such people then just watch them and envy their lives…

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