Who Needs Convergence?

from the we-don't dept

A new study suggests that consumers don’t really care about convergence of gadgets. They’re fine with carrying around 2, 3, or even 4 different ones. Most people think device number 1 should be a mobile phone. After that, no one agrees. I still think I’d prefer to just have all this wired directly into my brain. That would make life easier.

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Comments on “Who Needs Convergence?”

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1 Comment
seperator says:


Convergence is a really stupid idea. How many multi-purpose gadgets really work that well? My instant reaction when I hear of something multi-purpose is to think “yet another thing to go wrong”. (Yes, I know it is slightly different in software systems, but even there it has some force). The most stupid idea is the convergence of phones and PDAs – you have to take the damn thing off your ear to write on it! For the record I carry a mobile phone, a PDA, a CPen scanner, a digital camera, a note tape recorder and a radio/tape player. Sad man that I am.

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