Boomerang Employees – They're Baaaaack

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It’s becoming more common for those folks who left stable jobs to test those internet waters to now find themselves running back to their old employers looking for jobs. Many of those companies are willing to take them back. Of course, it depends on how good they were in the first place, and on what sort of terms they left the company. I think the companies also like it, because these people tend to serve as “warning signs” to others in the company who are thinking about being adventurous and going to a startup.

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Comments on “Boomerang Employees – They're Baaaaack”

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Ed says:

Related: Sharing the Blame

Ragarding the earlier story about assigning the blame for the dot com collapse, there are some categories that I feel were left out of the Techdirt poll. One category is mercenary managers who left stodgy old companies in droves to work at dot com companies solely for greed, rather than any true interest in the technology. It seems that Joe Blow the Trash Bag Marketing Manager in this story is an example of that.

It’s not related to this story, but the other category I wish I could have voted for includes investment bankers who constantly reiterated nonsensical buy recommendations on dubious stocks they happened to have underwritten.

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