CueCat Not Catching On

from the well,-duh dept

Ever since I heard about the CueCat scanner I thought it was one of the more ridiculous business plans. Why would people want to go through a number of annoying extra steps just to get additional advertising? CueCat doesn’t make anything easier. In fact, it seems to make life more complicated. I also thought the company was a bit too cocky when they said it was the greatest invention since the mouse. Yeah, right. So, is it any surprise that very few people are actually using their CueCats? The company says they’re working on new business models, but considering the number of those things they gave out for free – I wonder how much money they have left to play with.

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Comments on “CueCat Not Catching On”

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1 Comment
another mike says:

eight years on

Should be able to pick up one of these super-cheap now, if they’re even still available, to use as a home inventory control system. Especially useful in the kitchen since everything there already has bar-codes. And you can just plug it into your internet-enabled refrigerator…er, bolt a cheap motherboard to the door.

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