Online Media Is Old News?

from the only-if-you-look-at-the-financials dept

The Washington Post is look at a number of online content sites to see how they’re doing. For the most part, as everyone knows, they’re all having financial difficulties. Yet, at the same time, their traffic is up, and people still think that they’re somewhat innovative and new in their coverage. However, it’s no longer enough to say “I’m online, isn’t that cool”. I think for the most part, this article doesn’t say anything at all new. Everyone knows that online news sites are useful, but struggling. I was hoping for something that discussed more creative solutions. They do have one paragraph where they mention small “one person” websites (which is where I think most of the creativity is coming from these days) but then they jump right back to the collective glumfest of the folks behind all these failing sites. I think people have too much fun trashing the internet these days.

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