Wireless LANs: The Next Big Thing

from the okay,-if-you-say-so dept

The latest Bill Gurley column talks about how 802.11b is “the next big thing”. I guess he just invested in a company doing stuff with 802.11b. I admit that it’s cool and useful, but I’m a little weary of “the next big thing” label. It sounds like Gurley’s trying to jump on a bandwagon. I used to read his columns because I thought they were insightful, but lately they seem to be more of him trying to prove he’s still cool.

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Comments on “Wireless LANs: The Next Big Thing”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: He hasn't heard of Apple's Airport.

Uh, well, I guess you haven’t heard of Lucent.

Of course, there’s Breezecom, SpeedLAN, Aironet, WiLAN and a cast of thousands who
made wireless equipment long before there was any unifying “standard” by which equipment
makers could inter-operate. Funny how prices have been dropping now that real standard
is in effect. As for DSSS equipment, I can’t wait until Bluetooth becomes so prevelant that
all those 802.11b access points start shitting all over themselves because they can’t find
any contiguously available ISM frequency space.

Then there’s HyperLAN, Raidata and that fool who wanted to launch ISM band satellites into

Yes, the revolution will be truely glorious and marked by an ever increasing amount of failure;
adopt early, cash in and get the hell out before the fools realize what’s going to happen to them.

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