Lessons Learned From Webvan

from the talk-to-your-customers-before-you-spend-a-billion-dollars dept

The NY Times has a very interesting article looking at the failure of Webvan. They suggest (somewhat jokingly) at the beginning that the main lesson learned is that if it takes $2.5 billion to create a company in a way that’s profitable to you, you ought to raise it all upfront. A better lesson that comes out later in the article is that if you’re building a hugely capital intensive project that will require huge numbers of customers to make work – you might want to talk to a few of those customers to find out what they want. Two years ago, when Webvan was first announced, I questioned the idea saying that customers didn’t seem to like online grocery stores and I wondered why Webvan would be different. Apparently, no one at Webvan took the time to figure that out themselves.

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Comments on “Lessons Learned From Webvan”

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1 Comment
Russell Miller says:

a mess from the start

Having read “eboys” it seemed like this business was a mess from the get-go. What successful entrepreneur sinks millions, not to say billions, into a business concept without doing even the most basic market research? Of course, it didn’t help that Borders had zero experience with the grocery business. How did this ever get funded?

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