Why The Music Industry Loses On The Napster Decision

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There are way too many Napster articles these days, but I like this one which suggests that despite winning the court case this really represents a huge loss for the music industry – in that they are killing off the best way to reach true music fans. And, they don’t even realize it.

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Comments on “Why The Music Industry Loses On The Napster Decision”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:

It is true

I don’t know how many recordings I’ve found on Napster that I know I can’t get anywhere else – I’ve actually been told flat out by many record stores that what I want doesn’t exist. I’ve also bought quite a few CDs based on what I’ve heard from Napster, that I know I wouldn’t have bought on my own. I might sign up for a subscription service if it’s cheap enough. If not, well, the RIAA has lost what business it actually gained from me using Napster.

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