Internet Infidelity Breaking Up Marraiges

from the e-therapy dept

Apparently therapists and marraige counselors are finding that internet infidelity is increasingly breaking up marraiges. People (both men and women) are getting addicted to internet sex or pornography and it’s interfering with previously healthy relationships. Of course, I wonder how happy the relationships were in the first place if one of the partners feels the need to turn to the internet to fulfill his or her sexual needs.

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Comments on “Internet Infidelity Breaking Up Marraiges”

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Robin says:

No Subject Given

Well I think that this is much exagerated.
Could happen I suppose.
But certainly not the norm.
I know of 3 cases where a marriage got into difficulties because of Internet comms.
In every case it was the same.
Just simple emails where they (3 men) refound old girlfriends in the Internet.
And in the Internet they were much braver than when they might have been had they met the same woman face to face in a simple street.
But why not blame the internet?
These theories are all promoted by Jewish authors hoping to write a new “shocjk horrhor” book.
Thereby make a lot of money for little effort.

Dave says:

Re: No Subject Given

Of course there were other problems, or they would’nt let themselves be suduced online. Is it worse to cheat at the local bar, or spend the time and effort away from your spouse online, wasting time flurting, dreaming of someone else, in the comfort, and privacy in the next room? Sure its a farce, lower than a cheap thrill, and hard to beleave people go for it.
What a waste of time.

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