Microsoft's Site (and Hotmail) Down

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Gabe Fisher writes Both sites have been down for some time now…” I guess those doctors in the UK will need to find some other solution. It seems the outage affected many of their sites including MSN, Hotmail, Carpoint, Encarta, Expedia and a number of European sites. No matter what, this looks very bad for Microsoft. Maybe they should have stuck with the BSD servers.

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Comments on “Microsoft's Site (and Hotmail) Down”

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1 Comment
wonko (user link) says:


As everyone is no doubt aware by now (if you’ve been reading the news) Microsoft’s outage was not because they were “down”, it was because their DNS servers had some bad info and were sending people to the wrong places. You can still access any Microsoft site by connecting to the IP address instead of the domain name.

According to this article at The Register, Microsoft says they’ve fixed the problem, although it will take a while for the updated DNS info to propagate.

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