Dealing With IT Rage

from the letting-off-steam dept

A Canadian study about information technology in general uncovered a disturbing trend. People seem to feel intense anger towards their computers. Often this anger will carry over to IT staffers at companies. Is this any surprise? I sense a market for places where you’re allowed to beat up old computers. Maybe I should set up “Techdirt Centers” with old discarded computers and baseball bats… I don’t know about discarded IT staffers, though. That might be too much.

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Comments on “Dealing With IT Rage”

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1 Comment
Sean says:

Sell Pins

I agree, that people need to get a grip. They call us for help and all we get is there grief. Either IT personel should start billing for counceling, or I am going to start my own pin company for IT people. Pins like:
“Don’t Blame me for your Mistakes!”
“You want my help? Then SHUTUP!”
“Move Over, Be Quiet, Don’t ask Questions”
Anyone want in on the idea?

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