Online Dating Does Not Usually Work

from the bad-odds dept

An article about the online dating world saying that most relationships that start online via matchmaking services tend not to work. There are a lot of reasons for it, but basically, you get to know people in a very different way over email, than in person. The success rates are extremely low. I also thought it was amusing that some people don’t put any effort into relationships the meet online because there’s the feeling that they can dig back “into the bin” to find someone better.

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Comments on “Online Dating Does Not Usually Work”

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1 Comment
Carol says:

My online dating experience

I met a guy from Washington back in Feb. 2005 and I am from Alabama. We struck it off with a big bang and before the month of out. He was telling me he loved me. He was living with his mom and step-dad at that time because his workman’s comp. was cut off in Nov. 2004 because he did not go to school for retraining.

He suffered a terrible accident in Feb. 2002 and collected the money since that time. It was not until he refiled in Feb. 2005 of that same year and month he met me. He recieved back pay thru Aug. 2005 and they started his monthly check back. He had gone thru several surguries within that five year period and could not do the same kind of work in construction as he once did so they had to pay him and when his doctor releases him and the workman’s comp. will re-train him aftewards.

As soon as he got the money he left for Alabama to be with me. He treated me like a queen and spent a lot of money on me. Then his son moved in three months later after his mom kicked him out. He had severe emotional problems and did not go to school, drive, or work and he had just turned 17 that year. It was not long until my son and daughter moved back in one by one and he started looking for another place to live behind my back in March 2005. He stayed with me seven months. I did not know he was talking to other women on the internet during this time and started an online relationship with another woman in PA who he later admitted to knowing longer than he knew me and now he is moving at the end of Jan. 2007 to move in with her. He went to see her for the first time in Nov. and says he is in love with her and this broke my heart into. I have learned not to get involved with anyone online out of state or anywhere more than 60 miles away from my home.

People are not honest about themselves entirely and they are much different online than they are when you meet them, or move in with them and live with them for a while and it is a recipe for disaster!

Women beware of sweet talking men on the internet who act like they have fallen in love with you and want to be with you for the rest of their lives with you and have NEVER met you!

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