Military Style Layoffs

from the meet-the-new-temp-workers dept

Apparently, with all the recent dot com layoffs, some companies have been turning to security companies to help them with the process. The result is that “small-headed, big dudes” are often showing up as “temp workers” the morning of layoffs and then guarding doors, protecting executives, and escorting workers out the door when the time comes. There’s even the story of AskJeeves who sent all the non-laid off workers home while everyone else was laid off. This way laid off workers couldn’t even talk to their former colleagues. What happened to the fun foosball environment?

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Comments on “Military Style Layoffs”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

This is news?

Execs are probably spooked by the guy in Mass. who shot up his coworkers.

But really, layoffs are awkward, and many were handled poorly back when stodgy old-economy companies were trimming their workforces by 5-10% at a time. Things really aren’t any different here except for the size of the layoff relative to the total size of the company.

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