Google That Love Interest

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Have you ever “Googled” a person you were dating? Apparently it’s the popular thing to do as a sort of “poor man’s” background check. When you meet someone new who is a potential love interest, go to Google and check them out. Some people call it e-stalking, but others seem to think it’s just common sense. I have to admit that I’ve certainly Googled people before, but very rarely found out anything as interesting as some of the stories in the article.

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Comments on “Google That Love Interest”

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wonko (user link) says:

Google is wonderful...

I periodically do Google searches on myself, but more as a way of humiliating myself than of feeding my ego. I’ve been on the ‘net since ’94 or so, and some of the old stuff I find is insane. Things like guestbook posts I made when I was 13, or links to my very first webpage, or IRC script archives containing my very first IRC script (arrgh), or software sites with listings for my very first program.

And of course, seeing the comments and things I posted in message boards years ago always makes me think, “My god, what a dork I was…”. Which, of course, leads me to the inevitable conclusion that I am still a dork, and in two years I’ll be reading posts like this and saying, “My god, what a dork I was…”

Ryan says:

Re: Real?

That was my impression. Maybe I’m just a boring person, but the only thing about me (as opposed to all the false positives) was something I posted to a mailing list 7 years ago, and the front page of the website I maintain. The only thing about my girlfriend is the list of people who graduated from University with her. Not nearly as hip as the people in the article.

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