Is The New Economy Family Friendly?

from the depends-on-your-family dept

A long, but interesting look at how family friendly startup culture is. It points out that bigger companies often have “family friendly” rules, but it’s often frowned upon if you actually use any of them. At the same time, while startups often expect people to have no family responsibilities, they may be more receptive to flexible work arrangements. In the end, I think it comes down to a company’s culture. What are they trying to achieve and how do they view their employees? Companies that view their employees as people are more likely to be “family friendly” than companies that view their employees as “resources”.

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Comments on “Is The New Economy Family Friendly?”

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1 Comment
DiscoStu says:

No Subject Given

I’ve always wondered about the whole 60-80 hour work week claim. Whenever I hear somebody talking about thier ridiculously long work week, I remember a Dilbert comic that showed Dilbert walking past a co-worker’s cubicle. “Come on Jim”, he said, “it’s seven o’clock. Time to go home.”

“I can’t”, Jim replied, “I’m not very bright, so I make up for it by working insanely long hours.”

If it takes you 80 hours a week to do something, maybe you’re not very good at it.

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