The Falling Apple

from the will-it-survive,-do-we-care? dept

Salon has a package of articles about the fact that Apple looks like it’s in trouble again. They discuss one potential solution for Apple: ditching the PowerPC architecture for AMD’s Athlon. Then, there’s another article suggesting that since Apple treats its supposedly loyal users so badly, no one should care if they fail. Personally, I’m still amazed that people care so much about their Macs. I’m also amazed that PC manufacturers still haven’t figured out how to make good looking machines. For now, that’s a lot of what keeps Apple in business. Update: Here’s an article in today’s SF Gate, about everything that Apple has done to avoid being in trouble and suggests that things aren’t as bad as everyone is making them out to be.

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Comments on “The Falling Apple”

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mhh5 says:

I'm a mac fan....

And it’s more than just good-looking computers that make macs “lovable”… It’s an ease of use issue. Now before Mike goes off on how Wintel machines are just as usable, blah blah blah… I agree Windows can be just as usable as the Mac OS. But I think the learning curve is a little nicer on the mac. I’ve seen it happen. I work with a lot of people who are just not computer-friendly, and PCs baffle them. Macs baffle them, too. BUT for a SHORTER period of time. Just try to teach a computer illiterate how to switch printers on a PC and a mac. And then ask them to do it a week later. Most likely, they’ll be able to figure it out on a mac, and give you a frustrated look when they try it on a PC. This is just my experience. Yes, once you “get used to” a PC, it may even seem hard to use a mac b/c you’ve been trained to think “PC”… and hence “think different”. 🙂

So will Apple fans give up on Apple? Well, do Amiga fans give up on Amiga? Not bloody likely. But I guess eventually Windows will change so much and Mac OS will change so much that no one will care at some point. I just don’t think we’ve quite reached that point yet…. And I think Apple might still have a few tricks left to pull.

Ryan says:

I'm a computer fan

I’m a PC user by experience, but I have played with Macs from time to time. I agree with mhh5 (at least, I hope that Apple has some tricks left up its sleeve), and also that Macs may have an easier learning curve. I know I’m going to have to ‘put up’ with Macs in the future ;), as my girlfriend really likes them and wants one. My greatest respect for Macs still go to their graphics work – I know there’s more that they can do, but that’s what I’ve used it for before, and I hate working with graphics on a PC – it’s a LOT better now than it was 5 years ago, but I think it still works better (for me) on a Mac. I agreed with the article suggesting switching to Athlons, but I can see it not happening for the exact reason the author discovers – it’d just get Steved. Is it a sign that the developers have a term for rejection related to their boss?

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