People Want Video Ads On Their Wireless Device

from the uh-oh dept

Here are two articles that can be combined in a way to suggest that your mobile device is soon going to be over taken by crazy advertising while killing all your bandwidth. First, is an awful study suggesting that people actually like receiving advertisements on their wireless devices. My guess is that people are intrigued by the novelty of it all, but when it becomes pervasive it is just going to be annoying. Add to that the new ability to easily send streaming video ads and I think we may soon have a problem. I do not want streaming video ads on my mobile phone.

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Comments on “People Want Video Ads On Their Wireless Device”

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Ryan says:

Innovative advertising

I think that the survey confuses the fact that people want streaming video and not ads! It is cool to get streaming video but I don’t agree with using this streams to push ads. Marketeers should use their brain a little and find innovative ways to include ads within streaming broadcasts that way everyone’s happy!

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