On The Internet No One Knows You're The Guy Who Said Nobody Knows You're A Dog

from the cartoon-celebrities dept

An amusing article about the guy who first created the cartoon and caption for the New Yorker with the famous line: “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”. Apparently, very few people realize that this is where the quote came from, and even fewer know who the creator was. Of course, financially, it hasn’t hurt him – as he receives commissions whenever the cartoon is reprinted. Sometimes, though, those commissions are a little sad. The cartoon was used by Bill Gates in his book for the steep fee of $200.

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Comments on “On The Internet No One Knows You're The Guy Who Said Nobody Knows You're A Dog”

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D.V. Henkel-Wallace says:

Re: Re: those stupid smilies

I think they meant the institution of computer smiley faces like :). I’ve wondered in the past exactly when
(and how) that came into being – was it an accident?

It was Scott Fahlman at CMU, and I remember it was sometime around ’85…that is, you didn’t see them before mid ’85 and then suddenly they were everywhere!

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