Steve Jobs Takes The Blame For Education Market Mistakes

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A month ago we wrote about how Apple lost the education market to Dell by changing their sales process at a bad time, and basically ignoring a market they had a strong presence in. Steve Jobs has now admitted that it was his mistake. He aparently said: “We screwed up in education. Dell didn’t earn the crown – we gave it to them.”

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Comments on “Steve Jobs Takes The Blame For Education Market Mistakes”

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1 Comment
Jobs has alot of blame to take says:

The 'blame Jobs' game is just starting.

The use of biphenol A plastic in schools
The treatment of software developers (OpenDoc, Newton)
The (failed) attempt to resurect the (next) cube in the form of the new cube design.
The cancellation of the Newton caused the talent to move to Palm.

All of the above is valid claims.

And if Mac OS X (err Rhapsody) flops, he’ll be blamed for that. Even though Apple BOUGHT the technology to move forward.

Jobs forgets that Apple under Jobs treated educators POORLY before.
1) Apple ][ forever
(Ohhh, Apple ][ cash flow keep the company afloat. Quick, lets re-asure this market so we can bleed them dry.)
2) Newton E300
(Oh, all these school districts have pending orders for the Newton 300. Lets wait ’till they’ve bought them, THEN cancel the line. Oh, and wne asked at the education trade show 5 days after the announcement, lets tell them that the Newton is an important part of the Apple product line)

Why should educators care for the NEW improved Apple?

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