Salon Messes Up Ad Description

from the oops dept

Now here’s one funny fuckup. Yesterday in Salon’s inbox they had a story about an ad they found to be quite funny in the Linux Journal. The staff at Salon (to be nice) scanned in the ad and put it on their site. They thought the ad was funny because basically the ad suggests that its customers were too geeky to get women. In fact, Salon believed the ad said: “You are a sex-starved loser who can’t get a blow job — so buy our product.” This is, actually, the alternative text they put for the picture. So, when their servers interpreted the single page of the graphic to be a seperate story, and people used their Avantgo Palm browsers (which only displays alt text for graphics) to download the story, they simply got that message. Salon has since changed the alt text.

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