Love By Mail – Dating A Computer

from the the-latest-Japanese-craze dept

Apparently, the Japanese have come up with a killer app for the i-mode. It’s called Love By Mail and it allows Japanese men to practice their wooing skills, by trying to “date” a computer bot via email on their mobile phones. It’s like a tamagotchi for adults. There are a few scary quotes about guys who become somewhat obsessive about their virtual girlfriends.

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Comments on “Love By Mail – Dating A Computer”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

The applications are endless...

…ha ha ha. This is kind of funny, and also kind of disturbing. My first thought would be to play around with arrogant people looking to pick up online dates, then turn on the computer dater. However, could you imagine one day carrying on an email relationship only to find out it’s a computer? I know some people that wouldn’t even know the difference, however – the description of Love By Mail is basically a description of their relationships.

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