Return of the Bionic Man?

from the upgrading-the-human-anatomical-structure dept

No, it isn’t the return of an old television series. It is the return of a concept no longer fictional but factual. The first truly self-contained bionic hand has been created by researchers in Britain. Initial trials have started on young children to help them cope with the loss of limbs. Other exciting uses for this bionic technology may be towards the production of even more dexterious robots, although I’m not sure Sony will co-invest just yet.

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Comments on “Return of the Bionic Man?”

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Ryan says:


This is truly amazing. I think this can only benefit humanity as a whole, and give everyone, especially children, a fuller life. The fact that the first trails were on children is probably the best part of all – if a child can use it fine and be happy with it, it’s going to be good, because we all know children speak exactly what they think.

Ryan says:

Re: Amazing

It’s funny because some people I’ve talked have told me that these bionic limbs sound a little freakish but those tend to be the same people that tend to say technology is moving too fast and that we should slow down. I think me and Mike are still waiting for those direct brain to machine connections for always on surfing (quite literally).

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