MP3s To Replace CDs By 2005

from the oh-really? dept

A new study is predicting that MP3s will replace CDs within five years. That seems a bit extreme. Of course, the study was sponsored by Creative Labs, who certainly wouldn’t mind more MP3s out there, since they make money selling MP3 devices. The article link above is from the Register, so it’s no surprise that they express skepticism in all the right places.

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Comments on “MP3s To Replace CDs By 2005”

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Ryan says:

I don't agree (with most of it)

While I know a lot of people whose buying habits have changed over the last year (myself included), I think the CD will stick around. A lot of people enjoy cover art, lyrics, credits, and the like of CDs too (I’m one). I admit, I do use Napster, but while it’s changed by buying habits, I would say that it’s refined them rather than stopped them. Sure, I don’t often pay $20 for a new CD (most of the time, second-hand is good enough for me), but when I do, I know I’m going to like it. Napster is more for that single that I like from a band I don’t really like, rare recordings, and testing to see if I like something – I’ve actually bought numerous CDs this way that I normally wouldn’t have. We all know someone (or are that someone) who has 30-40+ GB of MP3s, and MP3s are going to be very popular, but I think CDs will be around for a while.

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