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Today, the new TLD “backlash” hits. First, complaints from the World Health Organization who were turned down in their proposal for .health. Without knowing the details, .health seems like a perfectly good TLD. Certainly better than .coop. Also, there’s an argument starting up that we really don’t need any new TLDs. There are plenty of domain names still out there – though maybe not available at $35/year any more. Of course, plenty of good ones are suddenly coming back on the market as well…

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Comments on “More On New TLDs”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

.health, amongst others

I was listening to the news and they were talking about .health just the other night. The other camp questions the same point I brought up in the (slightly) older story on the new TLDs – regulations. Who will decide who can have a .health name? Will what most people see as quacks be allowed? What about herbal medicines? Or faith healers? I think categorizing domains would make users’ lives much easier, however, it becomes a question of who decides what belongs where?

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