Catch A Fugitive Online

from the not-this-again dept

More reality programming that we Americans have stolen from Europe. A few months back we reported on a German program where someone had to be tracked down using the web. Now, here comes the American version. Hopefully, these fugitives can stay hidden for a bit longer than their German counterpart.

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Comments on “Catch A Fugitive Online”

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Ryan says:

Reality TV is stupid

Well, that title should get a reply. I did like Running Man the movie, but I think today’s society (or some of it anyway) has become a bunch of voyeurs and wanna-be’s, and that’s why reality TV is so popular. I didn’t watch Survivor, except when it was forced on me. Actually, to amuse myself, I started making up events and attaching names from the show and telling them people who asked me if I had seen the show the previous night. That was a lark – some people became visible upset or angered at what I told them. Personally, I’ve got my own reality to live with, and I would much rather spend it doing something that might get me on a tropical island faster, rather than sitting and watching people fight on one. As for this show, if it gets established, try throwing a real wanted criminal into the mix, see if you could get people to do some police work.

Reg says:

Re: Reality TV is stupid

This game appears to be geared exclusively for the Internet. I think “Reality TV” is a bad description. Check out the website They promise that the web will make it a real-time viewing experience 24 hours a day. Thst sounds more intriquing to me than the traditional TV fare. The proof will be in the pudding. If the site content is engaging, I’ll follow along.

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