Bounce Bounces Off Satellite

from the new-distribution-methods dept

In another step towards digital distribution of movies, a test was run where the new movie Bounce was sent to a theater via satellite. Of course, it still looks like the costs associated with receiving and showing a digital movie are too high for it to make sense. However, prices will come down, and this is likely to become a lot more popular. Now, all we need, is for some people to figure out how to intercept the signals, and we’ll start an underground theater in someone’s basement.

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Comments on “Bounce Bounces Off Satellite”

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Ryan says:

Great idea

I think this is fabulous, but the question is, will movie theatres jack the price up even higher to go see a ‘futuristic’ movie? I already don’t go to see many movies in the theatre (at least, first-run) because it costs so much for me to blow a couple hours of my time. I think the real people who will be hurt by this is the Tyler Durdens of the world – how will they splice their special tidbits in now? (Watch Fight Club if you don’t understand)

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