A New Dot Com For Unions

from the labor-stuff dept

Considering I actually have a degree in labor relations, it’s a little surprising to me to realize that this may be the first Techdirt post ever having to do with labor unions. To make it even better, it’s got two totally unrelated articles about unions. First, there’s the news that people are trying to organize a union at Amazon.com. Apparently, these dot coms didn’t really reinvent the way employees are treated. Perhaps Amazon should look into this new dot com which is designed to help manage labor grievances through an ASP model. Maybe someone should apply to ICANN for .union?

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Comments on “A New Dot Com For Unions”

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Spaz (user link) says:

uh huh

I don’t like unions….one voice for a company of individuals? Don’t like it….give your money to me and I will tell you to try harder and stop whining….Corp. America is big enough to find a better job and we don’t have [in mainstream] sweatshops anymore. Oh, and yeah, you never get paid enough…..
Get a .union? Nah
Get a .welfare and a .drunk first.


Mike (profile) says:

Re: uh huh

Wow. What an uninformed and gross generalization. Is there a reason you don’t like unions other than you seem to think it’s whining? Unions can have a very valuable place in society and have done a lot of good in the history of this country. Admittedly, they’ve gone through some bad patches and corruption, but there is still plenty of good that they can do.

Spaz (user link) says:

over reacted?

Uninformed? Doubt it….as it [unions] have had their place and have done great in history….it is that, history. We do not need them anymore [like afermative action etc]. Other reasons I don’t like them is the whole ‘start silent’ techniquie. I have been scouted out as one to ‘break into’ a company to start a union. I have been on both sides.

Arieh Lebowitz says:

Unionization efforts at "dot.coms"

A great way to get news on what unionization efforts there are at and for “dot.com” workers is to try these two websites:

http://www.labourstart.org/usa for US specific info

as well as trying


and plugging in “labor” and seeing what news articles appear at the top of the search respopnse list, and then doing the same, after perusing the articles, with “union” and then the same with “workers.”

You’d be amased what you’ll find.

The AFL-CIO website as well as


as well as


are all places with worthwhile information.

Please let me know if the above is helpful.
And feel free to share it with others!
>> Arieh L.

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