Venture Models That Work

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A new report has come out that suggests we’re moving into an age of third generation venture capital firms. Of course, the report makes these 3GV firms sound like incubators that actually work. Basically, they’re talking about venture firms that offer additional services to their investments. It’s a bit amusing to see this while everyone else is trashing the whole incubator concept. As far as I can tell, they’re saying that the right model is an incubator, but not the bad incubators. That’s very helpful.

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Comments on “Venture Models That Work”

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Ryan says:

No Subject Given

VCs both new and traditional will be forced to focus on what works.

And they weren’t doing this before? Well, then certainly, this new-found wisdom will bring forth a bright future for us all. Personally, I hope the string of failures continue, teach both people with shoddy, half-thought out ideas to research a bit more and have a better idea of what business is all about, and also investors who think they can throw money blindly and more will come flying back at them.

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