How To Go Out Of Business In Style

from the shutting-down... dept

As Scour announces that they’re shutting off their file trading service (yet another application to delete from my computer), they’ve also attracted another bidder in the battle to buy their bankrupt assets. This, fortunately, ties into yet another story worth posting about how bankruptcy may be the best marketing device for many companies. It starts off with the example of and then gives a buch of “suggestions” for what other companies (including the company publishing the article) could do post-bankruptcy.

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Comments on “How To Go Out Of Business In Style”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

No Subject Given

It’s amusing how all these marketing opportunities are only really considered marketing opportunities in the new economy. Rover (a uk car maker) went bankrupt and got a lot of publicity but it didn’t make me what to buy a rover or really at all interested in them. I wonder what the next killer new economy marketing opportunity will be? Maybe criminal jail terms for all senior execs?

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