Accessing Internet On Mobile Phones Will Be More Popular Than PCs

from the oh-really? dept

While he’s a bit biased, here’s a prediction from the CEO of Ericsson, that mobile phones will pass PCs as the device of choice in accessing the internet. While I definitely agree that accessing the internet via a mobile phone will have many uses in the future, I still see it as a companion system to a PC. The user interface is horrible, and while it will get better, you’re still limited by size constraints. Also, while the PC can be used to access the internet for just about any purpose, I see mobile phone internet access useful in a much more limited role.

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Comments on “Accessing Internet On Mobile Phones Will Be More Popular Than PCs”

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Ryan says:

Re: mobile phones won't look like cell phones....

when convergence eventually hits phones, I agree they’ll just be small portable pc’s. About WAP, I use to be a real fan and of course I was convinced that it would be the next big thing! I unfortunately was wrong, I actually tried using wap to access the internet several times and ended up feeling frustrated each time. It is slow, unreliable and tedious (due to the number of key punches necessary to surf).

Now, this somewhat gloomy outview will change when usuability issues are answered but the PC still has many happy years of life before the wireless net is as convenient.

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