The Internet Killed The CEO

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The Economist is hypothesizing that the main reason for all the CEO changes this year is that the internet really does change what the position requires. They suggest that the position of CEO really does require new skills to manage, and almost no one has those skills yet. However, as we get used to the internet, CEOs with those skills will emerge.

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Comments on “The Internet Killed The CEO”

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1 Comment
r0cket says:

Of Course It's Different

Makes sense to me. Corporate life in the internet age is certainly less about marching in formation than it is about taking the ball down the court, and making it through to the finals. For all the talk in the past about teamwork, the structure of most businesses was more like a military organization than a team. A successful sports franchise has to win games, win championships, manage star players, control the team image and keep the home crowd happy. The dynamic between owner, manager and player (worker) is much more fluid than the relationship between these three persons in a traditional corporation. The work done by the sports team– practice through the week and then playing the game on Sunday — is much more loosely structured and less amenable to “marching orders.”

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