Techdirt On TV?

from the someone-want-to-explain-this? dept

Okay, I’m a little confused by all of this, but I’ve noticed a little bit of traffic coming in from a page at CBS Marketwatch talking about their television program this weekend. They’re doing a story on FuckedCompany, and under “more on these stories” they have a link here to Techdirt. This implies that maybe Techdirt will be mentioned during this broadcast, though that’s anything but clear. Certainly no one from CBS Marketwatch contacted us or anything. So, if you happen to be around, take a look and see if they talk about us. While it used to be that Techdirt would get lumped in with the Slashdot-wannabe sites, now we’re getting lumped in with the FC-wannabes? Update: Okay, I just watched the episode. As expected, they lumped us in as a FC wannabe, as if we were created after the dot come bubble burst, instead of more than three years ago (as we actually were). Who needs fact checking these days?

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