ASP Says Internet Is Too Unreliable

from the oops dept

An ASP called 7 has decided that the internet is too unreliable to use to offer their software. Instead, they’re planning on laying their own leased lines directly to companies. This is an interesting move, but I wonder about the economics. The whole point of using an ASP is that it’s cheaper in the long run. If you add into that the cost of laying a leased line, I wonder if it still makes sense from a cost standpoint.

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Comments on “ASP Says Internet Is Too Unreliable”

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1 Comment
Lord Jester (user link) says:

Well, DUH!!!

I have been telling people for almost 2 years this was a bad idea since a colleague of mine ran the idea of ASPs.

If the link is down, your SOL. End of story.

However, if M$ gets their way, everybody will have diskless workstations that get event the OS from

Imagine the traffic you’d have to fight with just with all of the people that use their computers casually to play solitair or write letters.

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