Up Close and Personal with the Playstation 2

from the breaking-other-people's-property-for-fun-and-for-profit dept

Stephen writes “Futurelooks.com decided to borrow (since we couldn’t find one to buy) a Playstation 2 and review it. Since it was an “evaluation unit” anyhow, after we were done and almost sick of it, we decided to rip it apart and take some inside shots for you. The folks from Futurelooks keep submitting stories to me, and they keep trying to format them in weird ways. Apparently, they have their own ideas on interface design because their webpage has (perhaps) the worst navigational tools I’ve seen in a while. They also make you go through 5 useless pages until you get to the actual photos of the PS2 being taken apart.

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Comments on “Up Close and Personal with the Playstation 2”

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Stephen (user link) says:

Re: FutureLooks makes baby Jesus cry

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your comments. No really, actually, I can’t agree more. We’re working on a super revamped version of the site and will be releasing it in the New Year. Our goals are to:
1. Make it load faster.
2. Improve Navigation.
3. Simplify the graphics and make it cleaner.
However, I don’t think we did a bad job considering we only cracked open the HTML and Webdesign books less than 9 months ago. We’re learning something new every day 🙂

other u2604ab says:

reply to stephenfung

By January? Who the hell are you kidding. I’ve got a blazing connection here and I can’t tell you how many times I degaussed my monitor waiting for your page to load. I thought it might be better loading the second page, but nope. I didn’t make it past page two to get to the stuff I was really interested in (as referenced in the techdirty lines above), and writing a few sentences of protest is waay faster and easier than trying to load your damn pages again.

Stephen (user link) says:

Re: reply to stephenfung

It seems that the speed varies from area to area on our server. It doesn’t help that our server is shared with 4 other sites and is prone to outages and slow performance (if you have any ideas on a better hosting company, I’m listening). I’ve just clocked our site (cache cleared of course) using the @Home connection at the office at around 8-10 seconds. It COULD be faster on this connection, but we’ve had days where it would take 20-30 seconds to load up. Updating this site takes a lot of patience, and we can’t wait to move into a faster server.
We’re listening, but there’s not a heckuva lot we can do right now, unless you want to cough up the cash and move us right now 😉
But thanks for the comments…

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