Those Free Computers We Gave Your School? Um, We Want Money Now

from the bait-and-switch dept

Talk about your failed business models… ZapMe, which gave away “free computer labs” to schools has now sent out letters to those schools explaining that by “free” they really meant “only free until the company started struggling”. Now, they’re going to start charging or they’ll just come by and pick up the computers. I do understand that they ran into some roadblocks, but they’re making these schools suffer because of it. Perhaps they should have put a little more thought into the original business model.

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Comments on “Those Free Computers We Gave Your School? Um, We Want Money Now”

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Blue Blaze Fedora says:

'indian' giving

“Yeah? Good luck collecting, bucko. Lots of schools these days have guards. You gave it to me, and it’s my property. Taking a computer out of a school is burglary, plain and simple. If I gave a wrench to a guy I know so he can maybe become a mechanic and work for me someday doens’t give me the right to open his toolbox and take it back months later.”

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