Has Gartner Group Lost It?

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I’m always surprised by the ridiculous values predicted for the future of internet commerce. Usually the studies that shock me are done by unknown companies trying to make a name for themselves. Well not this time, the recent study done by the Gartner group predicting that Internet commerce in Europe will reach ?1,200 Billion by 2004 really caught me off guard. How they could predict such a huge increase left me baffled, am I the only one that doesn’t get it?

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Comments on “Has Gartner Group Lost It?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Not surprising

Actually, I think most of these companies have a long history of overhyping stuff. Especially the big name companies. Gartner is the same company that just a few months ago predicted that there would be 10,000+ B2B marketplaces in the next 4 years, and are now trying to explain why the majority of the 800 or so that are out there are failing…

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