Recruiting in the Valley

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It always amuses me to see how crazy tech recruiting is getting in the valley. Here in London we’re feeling a shortage of talent but it isn’t nearly as dire, as it is to a small extent still a buyers market. One interesting fact that is always overlooked in these type of articles is that not all tech workers are in high demand. There are plenty of non-technical tech sector workers that find employment much more difficult, even in the valley.

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Comments on “Recruiting in the Valley”

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unknown, sort of says:

No Subject Given

1. yes, recruiting for techies is not that easy for companies, but this is nothing new! why is bothering to write about this without any new or interesting insight?

2. and yes, when people say “there are a TON of silicon valley jobs” they really mean for technical people, and less so for business types.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

Do you know anyone out here who can’t find work? I can’t find anyone I know in any type of position who can’t get a job. And, most people I know who have jobs (even business roles) are *always* getting calls from recruiters, or approached about taking a job somewhere else. Almost every company I talk to tells me how they simply can’t hire enough good business development or marketing people. The demand for good people in the tech sector is very strong.

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