Online Banking Should Be Online Money Management

from the good-ideas dept

Here’s the first article I’ve seen in a while that may come close to pinpointing why online banking isn’t working. The fact is, online banking is different from banking at a branch. Banking online is more about buying, whereas banking at a branch is more about the money. I’m not sure if it’s completely true, or if it will stay that way, but it makes some good suggestions as to how an online banking site could be more useful. I’m also not in complete agreement with some of the writer’s thoughts on using customer data to market them to businesses. However, if it was more “opt-in” it might be useful. So, if you have a special “car” account (example used in the article), when I was ready to buy a car, it would be nice if there was a button there that I could click that would allow me to either view different options, or (if I chose) have car dealers contact me.

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