Reasons For Dot Com Boom/Doom

from the pissst,-hey-buddy,-wanna-buy-some-dotcom-stock? dept

You knew it. I knew it. Now the American people know it. The New Economy just isn’t that different from the Old Economy. This WSJ article spells out six myths that led to the dot com boom. I predict more articles like this popping up just like “N number of Ways to Get Great Abs” articles…

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Comments on “Reasons For Dot Com Boom/Doom”

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1 Comment
Spaz (user link) says:

failed .coms

I am an American [not by choice] and it is fun hanging in the Silicon Valley…..
went to see a movie and ad after ad about new .com startups IPO friendly, full bar, groumet chefs, with strippers and no suits and plenty of cheap housing nearby. And you drool at these promises…….and then I wonder, should I leave my job and come down here? NAHHH. They no better and I would not want to be run by a company w/ 6 months experience and a CEO that is 3 years older then me. Sorry. I stick w/ my cool job with smart people running it and lots and lots of cool things to do.

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