More People Turn Off Cell Phones At Movies Than During Sex

from the that-makes-sense dept

A German study has found that more people turn off their cell phone during movies than while having sex. If you think about it, this actually makes sense. I’d bet there would be similar results if you took the poll elsewhere as well. My question, however, is what percentage of the people polled answered their cell phone while having sex? Actually, on second thought, I don’t think I want to know that.

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Comments on “More People Turn Off Cell Phones At Movies Than During Sex”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: let's talk about sex

Folks! Please! This is a family-oriented site. 🙂 (by which I mean, my parents actually read this stuff).
Okay… So, um, if you’re family oriented (or *my* family), stop reading now.
Having said that, a couple of quick thoughts: one, “doin the dirty” as you say doesn’t always need to involve removal of all clothing. Second, (and I can’t believe you people actually made me think about this stuff), I can actually see other (not particularly good) ways to still involve the cell phone. Apparently “unknown, sort of” isn’t familiar with some fairly popular sex devices out there…
Anyone else suddenly disgusted by the site of their own cell phone… Well, at least I know no one is going to ask me if they can borrow my cell phone for a while. And… I may never borrow anyone else’s ever again.
Okay. I think this thread needs to die right about now.

Alternatives says:

Re: Re: Re: Take that call!

It could be your wife!
Or, her husband!

Think of the 1-900 advise line you could open up….add mobile video phones, and you can then have a 1-900 coaching line.

No, no, she needs to be a 35 degree angle, you have her at a 25…its no wonder its not working….

(Now, how can I work the word Hitler into this thread so it can die…Oh, just did.)

NOW the thread can die

unknown, sort of says:

Re: let's talk about sex

nonono wait! what i meant to say was, that not being a kangaroo is NOT a lost cause afterall! but that’s getting a bit gross. or maybe just anti-family. i’m still gonna borrow people’s mobiles…until i get my own one, that is. maybe just not yours. oh yeah, and good point about the clothing! hadn’t thought of that…

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