Shopping Online More Of A Pain

from the oh-really? dept

Wasn’t the internet supposed to be all about convenience? Well a new study in the UK says that shopping in a store is often much more convenient. You get the goods right away, first off, and you don’t have to worry about late or missing shipments. Also, the credit card processing is more secure.

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Comments on “Shopping Online More Of A Pain”

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1 Comment
Lindsay says:


Isn’t this result rather obvious? Of course it’s more convenient to go to the shop – youy get to see and touch the things you are looking for, and you get to see options that are available and different makes too. Online shopping is only convenient when you don’t have a shop that sells the items. (BTW I do use online shopping, and have done since it first started, but I have never found it “convenient” – it is always a pain)

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