M-Commerce Overhyped?

from the duh dept

I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the hype about wireless e-commerce: It’s overhyped. Okay, I can see a few small areas where it could come in handy, but it’s definitely a small convenience thing, and not something that would be really useful all the time. I’m glad to see someone out there is agreeing with me. Mobile commerce is nice, but there are so few instances where I see it being useful on a large scale. The article makes one very good point: now that everyone thinks regular online e-commerce is going nowhere, suddenly everyone thinks that mobile commerce is going to be even bigger? That’s ridiculous.

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Comments on “M-Commerce Overhyped?”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

Future Wireless E-Commerce

Hey, don’t knock it. The future’s just around the corner. Once GPS is integrated with data-enabled wireless phones, imagine the future. If you happen to see something you want to buy (say you’re in a store), you can press a button, the GPS will determine your location and, using extensive database capabilities, will determine what you’re looking at, send the transaction information to the local store, and you’ll be able to buy it, right there on the spot!

This will be even better than watching streaming video on a WebTV!

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