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Grow Your Vegetables Online

from the you-can-create-any-business-online dept

Perhaps this one should really fit under the “not enough free time” category. A new site has been launched in the UK that will grow your vegetables for you. Don’t want the hassle of managing your own vegetable patch? Just sign up for MyVeggiePatch.com and pick your patch. You tell them what you want to grow, and how, and more experienced folks will handle the actual work part of it. Then they’ll send you your veggies when they’re all done.

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Comments on “Grow Your Vegetables Online”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Businesses are going direct

I never said it was silly… Anyway, this isn’t about going direct. I don’t think I would have been as amused if it was just an online vegetable stand. The difference here is that you get your own “plot” of land where someone else will grow your vegetables for you. That’s a bit more than just going direct to customers…

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Businesses are going direct

I *do* think this is silly. This can only work on a very small scale b/c economies of scale kick in pretty quickly with farming, I imagine. You need to have some pretty “high value” items in order for this to work b/c I’m not sure anyone wants really expensive lettuce. A while back, I think npr reported that British chicken farmers tried selling “customized” chickens, and their market was strictly high-class restaurants b/c regular people don’t want to pay 2-3x for a slightly higher quality product.

I’m all for farmers, but this just doesn’t help them.

Or at least, how is this better than “farmer’s markets” or roadside fruit stands?

That’s why I joking suggest they should grow pot. There’s a market where people will pay premium prices for their own personal stash…

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