If You Can't Stand The Heat… Go To Canada.

from the Strange-Brew dept

Birds do it. Draft-dodgers do it. Even dot-commers in SF do it. Let’s do it. Let’s go to Canada. It looks like Canada may be the next Silicon Valley. Yeah, right. You’ll notice this story originates from a Canadian source, eh.

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Comments on “If You Can't Stand The Heat… Go To Canada.”

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Ryan says:

Canada brings it home

I don’t think that canada is a bad environment for start-ups (particularly if you take some of the larger tech companies into account, like Nortel) but it just seems to be following the same trend of other US states. I know that I’ve compared Canada to a US state but in terms of technology adaption from silicon valley it’s pretty similar.

Mike (profile) says:


Funny how this comes just a couple of days after we posted this story about all those crazy Canadians coming on down to Silicon Valley. The combination makes me suspect something is up. They’re definitely preparing for some sort of invasion. First they start taking over down here… then they start trying to convince all of us to move up there…. Hmm….

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