DotComFailures Gone?

from the hmmm... dept

Here’s an odd one. With all the stupid, pointless publicity over the latest publicity stunts, it seems the other related site, has now gone out of business itself. If I remember correctly, I think the guy who runs this site is roommates with the guy who runs FC. According to the site, it says they went through $2.6 million in 3 months. It all sounds very fishy to me. DotComFailures used to link to Techdirt content (it looked like we were the only content partner), and in conversations with the guy there he said he was just doing it for fun, so I’m not sure where that money came from (admittedly, it’s been 3 months since I last spoke to him). I also thinks it’s close to impossible for a site like that to run through that much money so quickly. Oh well. Techdirt remains “out of business” as well, as we never were in business anyway, and will continue to move forward without spending anywhere near $2.6 million. In three years, I think we’ve spent under $1,000 (total) on the site. How’s that for burn rate?

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