Implanting Chips in Yourself

from the coming-sooner-than-you-think dept

Salon takes an in depth look at tracking chips that will soon be implantable in human beings. They definitely have some potential good applications, but the potential for privacy invasion is really big. I don’t really have any sort of problem with someone who decides to implant one of these into themselves, but implanting it in others, or even giving them gifts that surreptitiously have tracking chips is a huge privacy problem. Soon everyone is going to need to have “anti-tracking device” devices as well. Maybe that’s a business idea…

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Comments on “Implanting Chips in Yourself”

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mhh5 says:

I've wondered...

when cops will figure out that GPS can automatically give out speeding tickets. What will all those speed-trap cops do? GPS can probably automatically ticket a lot of traffic violations… But I guess it’d be a little dangerous to have the car itself stop you when it realized you were driving recklessly. Kitt, let me drive!

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