Kaiser Accidentally Emails Medical Records to Wrong People

from the oops dept

Yet another horrible mistake by a company bringing into question how protected people’s privacy is online. Kaiser Permanente accidentally emailed medical records to other people. This was due to a glitch Kaiser had in upgrading their computer systems, but raises some huge privacy questions. Once again, this is a situation that should never happen.

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Comments on “Kaiser Accidentally Emails Medical Records to Wrong People”

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Jim Ristrem (user link) says:

Criminal Activity Inside Kaiser HMO Computer Cente

I have had face to face contact with criminals who penetrated hospital computer systems. They had full employee access to programming facilities at Kaiser HMO, unlike hackers who do their work remotely. In one set of incidents, I was one hour away from looking for billing and medical records discrepancies at Kaiser when a gunman fired in my direction with a sawed-off shotgun. A few weeks later, the first of many explosions was set off in a building where I was, across the street from one of the Kaiser Permanente hospitals. I received death threats and was subjected to intimidation by the HMO’s own employees to discourage me from talking to auditors. In another incident, one of them intercepted copies of a report I had prepared, tearing off pages, lying to me about it, and refusing to provide me pertinent information. This specific report included a warning of problems at Kaiser involving hospitalizations and billing discrepancies.

An article published by MSNBC in 2002 stated that, “More than any American business, health care is one where fraud is rampant, simple and, by most accounts, about to get a lot more common . . . Unlike today’s arcane accounting scandals, these involve out-and-out stealing . . . . The schemes are so lucrative that they’ve drawn criminals in the drug trade and Russian mafia. All of this raises a question: Why does the system make it so simple? . . . There are 4 billion health-care transactions every year worth a total of $1.5 trillion. Of that, experts say, between 3% and 10% is fraud, an amount unheard of in other industries.”

I want to shine a bright light on criminals in medical data processing. Please visit Criminal Activity at Kaiser HMO Hospitals Computer Center

John says:

Re: Criminal Activity Inside Kaiser HMO Computer C

I want to tell you that what you need to know is that the state of California, the big insurance companies like AIG and intelligence agencies like the Dept. of Homeland Security work with Kaiser and some other corporate hospitals (i only know about Kaiser) in order to do certain things. Kaiser is a terrible place to get care and they have murdered a lot of people the State is getting complaints from Doctors, Hospitals and Insurance companies to do something about lawsuits…so that these companies(and doctors) may be able to escape serious penalties when they cause injury, malpractice and/or death. This is what the attack on insurance scamers and frivolous lawsuits is all about. In return hospitals, now more than ever, get immunity with help from the federal and state governments to discredit patients and their surviving families when they have commited malpractice, murder for their interests or murder for a govenment agency/ large corporation. If you don’t belive me the Department of Homeland Security allows companies to screen a patient and prevent families from knowing the full extent of a condition-for example a man injured at work and his company doesn’t want to pay workers comp because there were biochemicals or something present in the accident and the worker may expose this during a possible lawsuit-in this case a temporay National Security Inquiry by the Corporation can allow destruction of medical records. The worker may not know how severe his condition is-medical staff are intimidated and forced to withhold information-especially the workers doctors. This is what happened to me in Oakland, CA at Kaiser Permanente’ main hospital.

The Department of Homeland Security works for the State of California and they work for large corporate employers, HMO’s, Doctors, Auto Makers and Insurance Companies.

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